Sunday, December 16, 2007

終於買左 eeePC

$2998 買到 d 咁既機真係好抵... 乜都玩到.. 夠哂 Cheap..

已經 Download 左 RMVB 既 Codec 睇野啦



十八禁的.. 嘩哈哈哈...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007



TJ Ford Injured Again!

好彩... 佢感覺到 d 手手腳腳.. 唔係就一世玩完啦

T.J. Ford has feeling in his arms and legs, and will stay in an Atlanta hospital overnight for further evaluation after suffering a back and neck injury in a hard fall on Tuesday night.

T.J. Ford fell hard onto his back and neck after a flagrant foul from Hawks' rookie Al Horford on Tuesday, finishing with 26 points and eight assists on 11-of-15 shooting before leaving the game.

Ford, who missed and entire 2004-2005 season with a spinal injury, lay motionless on the court for serveral minutes before being carried off on a stretcher with 1:32 left in the game. Horford was ejected for a Flagrant 2, although he appeared to be going for the ball rather than to purposefully inflict injury. He was reportedly able to move his extremities, but that was the case with his last injury as well.