Thursday, July 12, 2007

New Zapper, Wheel, Fit For Wii?

今年 E3 真係有唔少驚喜. 今晚到任天堂出 KeyNote.. 佢地會出三種新既 Input Device, Zapper, Wheel 同 Fit..

Zapper: 其實係一支槍 + 1個 Nunchaku

From Engadget:
It took them a while, but Nintendo is finally busting out its Wii Zapper accessory for housing the Wiimote and Nunchaku in a FPS-friendly shell. It'll be out this year, shipping for free with a "far along" unannounced title from Nintendo, and selling stand alone at retail for $20. More pics after the break.

Wheel: 當然就係一個"車太"盤.. 咁唔少得既緊係 Mario Kart For WII 啦..

From Engadget:
Let's not bandy about here, we're pretty much God's gift to green shell snipes, and hook us up with a few red shells and perhaps a banana or two and you can pretty much kiss your Flower Cup goodbye. Nintendo just announced some extensive online functionality for its upcoming Wii-based Mario Kart title, including an undisclosed amount of "more" online competitors, which is always a plus. Nintendo is also packing a free Wii Wheel with each copy of the game to help ease the newbs into the Kart action. No word on how much the new wheel will cost on its own, but we'll be seeing both it and Mario Kart in the first quarter of 2008. More pics after the break.

Fit:一塊放係地既壓力版.. 有好多好多既用途

From Engadget:
Nintendo's Wii Zapper and Wii Wheel are great and all, but what's really going to get those casual gamers flocking is this here Wii Fit game and its accompanying controller. A sort of Wii counterpart to Nintendo's brain-sharpening DS thrust, the Wii Balance Board is a Reebok Step look-alike, with dual sensors that can detect your weight and balance on each side as you exercise to the various on-screen Wii activities in Wii Fit. The board is wireless, and holds the potential of full-body games involving the Wiimote and the Wii Balance Board simultaneously. If you've had enough gaming, you can also have the Balance Board diagnose your body mass index. Or not. No word on when these two will launch, or for how much. Plenty of action shots after the break.

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