Monday, July 9, 2007

PS3 大減價?

不過係北美.. 60G US$499.. 新既 80G 就 US$599.. 香港咁平唔知有冇得減..
不過.. PS3 ..唉.. 冇Game.. 好多正 Game 都 Cross PlatForm.. 我估我買都係有 Blue Ray 架炸.. 算把啦

From Engadget

Sony cuts PS3 price to $499, new $599 80GB model to hit North America in August

Despite denials, Sony has made official the new $499 price point for the PlayStation 3 that we've started to see appear in retailers across the US. The 60GB model's new price point will indeed be $499, with a new 80GB model going on sale for $599 in the US and Canada in August. As a small bonus, the 80GB version will include a "free" copy of MotorStorm. So there ya' have it kids: in one quick swoop, Sony has made the PS3's price a whole lot more competitive.

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