Monday, July 9, 2007

瘦身 PS2 重現世界!?

我真係唔知 Sony 係度諗緊 d 乜? PS2 都出左有 7 年幾.. 仲要搞埋d咁野.. 係咪輕左叫 d Sony 死士出街果時當 PSP 咁打呢? 人地 MS 遲出既 Xbox 已經完全放棄左佢架啦..

From Engadget

Sony lightens PS2 components by almost a third

Unlike Microsoft, which dropped the original Xbox in favor of the Xbox 360 in manner similar to Paris Hilton dropping her old cellphone, Sony has continued to maintain the PlayStation 2. Somehow, Sony has managed to make a new iteration of the PS2 that decreases the console's weight by almost a third: they've trimmed the console itself down to 600 grams from 900 grams, and the power adapter to 250 grams from 350 grams. The external design of the console is unchanged, but the lower weight and the new components should decrease production and shipping costs. Not bad for an old console that continues to sell well (and sell for more than the value of its components, at that).


Anonymous said...

還有PSP rom bt:

AK47 said...

e.. 真係唔錯.. 不過我 PS2 冇玩過 ISO 版既 Game.. PSP 又冇.. 可惜可惜